Convoy Control Simplified

CC Supervisor makes it simple for your team to handle CC convoys. You can manage your pilots on the fly with our innovative dispatcher and pilot dashboards.

Manage pilots during convoys

Multiple people in a single voice conversation may soon get chaotic, and your pilots may lose track of where they are meant to go. You can instantly inform your pilots of what's happening and where they should go using our dispatcher dashboard.

Inbox user interface

Always stay updated

Quickly change your status to let others know what you're doing. View the chat item for your current position. Get instant updates from your dispatcher. And more...

Customer profile user interface


Everything you need to manage convoy control

Event Overview

Allow your pilots to easily view upcoming events and join active events.

Creating Events

Quickly create events and add profile downloads, routes, CC positions, and event information.

Event Summary

After each event, get an event summary to see which pilots attended, public attendance, and more...

Live Updates

During events, receive live status and position updates from your pilots. Dispatchers can also update users' status and position.

Hassle Free Communication

With all of your pilots information available, you no longer need to memorize what each pilot is doing.


Automatically add or remove pilots using our API.


The right price for your company.



For VTCs with CC on the side.

  • 40 users

  • 10 active events/month

  • 15 events created/month

  • 1 active event at once


£2 /mo

For companies with CC in mind.

  • 150 users

  • 31 active events/month

  • 60 events created/month

  • 3 active events at once

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, send us a message at [email protected].

Can I request new features?
Absolutely! We don't currently have our own Discord server, however you are welcome to write us an email and we will do our best to integrate your suggestions.
Do you offer trail periods?
All new users are able to try our services for free for the first 5 days.